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Forth Sentenced in Call Center Scam

28 News 01/09/2023 HOUSTON – A 28-year-old Indian citizen who illegally resided in the United States has received his ... Full Story

Joe Brought His Checkbook, Came Back Empty

28 News 07/17/2022 There were low expectations and high apprehension about Joe Biden's trip to the Middle East. Initially pa ... Full Story

Police using COVID relief funds on equipment

28 News 03/31/2022 Police departments across the country are using funds allocated under the 2021 American Rescue Plan Act A ... Full Story

China city orders pets killed if owners have COVID-19

28 News 03/31/2022 A city in China ordered all indoor pets in one neighborhood to be killed if their owners had COVID-19.

... Full Story

Forget Green Deal, We Need Defense

28 News 03/04/2022 It comes down to logic and common sense. It should not be difficult to see the changing power base of the ... Full Story

Commerce Implements Sweeping Restrictions on Exports to Russia

28 News 02/24/2022 WASHINGTON – Today, the U.S. Commerce Department, through its Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS ... Full Story

Putin warns of unprecedented 'consequences' for any interfere

28 News 02/24/2022 Vladimir Putin has warned the international community of “consequences greater than any you have fa ... Full Story

Russian President Vladimir Putin launches Ukraine invasion

28 News 02/24/2022 Russian President Vladimir Putin has launched a military operation in Ukraine, with explosions heard acro ... Full Story