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Biden’s biggest campaign promise is now impossible to fulfill

Biden’s biggest campaign promise is now impossible to fulfill

28 News 01/06/2022 3848

Charlotte, NC — While campaigning for President, Joe Biden made a lot of promises to Americans. He promised that he would eliminate those mean tweets. He promised that he would “build back better” even though America was pretty great at the time.

Through it all, he harped on one promise that he guaranteed over and over to Americans. He said that Americans were tired of COVID and that if he were elected President, he would control the pandemic and end it once and for all.

It was a hefty promise for a man who had no clue what he was dealing with. Who am I kidding, it was a hefty promise for a man that cannot do anything but read the scripting that his handlers put in front of him.

Then-President Donald Trump had largely made the coronavirus response a state-driven issue. He provided federal support to the states and let the states decide what was best for them. Some states decided draconian lockdowns were necessary while others decided to let the people decide.

The Democrats and their propaganda partners made it controversial by politicizing the response. They called on Trump to make a national response. Trump refused and allowed states to continue to do what they wanted.

Enter Joe Biden and his mask mandates, vaccine mandates, and his partner in crime Dr. Anthony Fauci. Together, they promised Americans that unproven vaccines would eradicate the virus. They promised Americans that they would eliminate and control the pandemic once and for all.

Except they didn’t. The Delta wave took its toll on Americans, leading to more death under Joe Biden's watch than under Donald Trump’s. Case numbers rose, deaths rose, all while Biden and Fauci preached the coronavirus vaccine gospel.

Now, Coronavirus is spreading like wildfire across the nation once again. The Omicron variant, proven highly contagious, is infecting at the highest rate of the pandemic so far.

Did Biden mean he was going to build the coronavirus back better? Because that is all he has improved since taking office so far.

By JD Washington. Read Full Article – Image credit: Gage Skidmore
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