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Tie Vax ID to Voter ID… Supply Chain Update

Tie Vax ID to Voter ID… Supply Chain Update

28 News 01/15/2022 3415

Conservatives believe in small government. We believe that the primary function of government is to protect our sovereignty by securing our border, protecting the population from foreign threats, negotiating on our behalf abroad, and providing for the general population’s safety at home. Today, our government has morphed from the limited government envisioned by our forefathers to our current government that has no bounds and craves control of every aspect of our lives. The last two years have awakened many to our current relationship between the people and its government, and it may be time for divorce or at least a trial separation.

The Democrats have the Holy Trilogy in their grasp. With the White House, Senate, and the House in their grip, they felt they had been allowed to transform our country. They believed they were given the mandate to transform our country. They were wrong, and now they are floundering. They are treading water, their approval ratings are in the tank, and nobody is throwing them a lifeline. It is time for the Republicans to come together, formulate a solid plan, and be ready to take control of this ship when the control of the Senate and House flip in November.

For the last few years, the storyline we have heard is that getting a Voter ID is too much work for many Americans. Many do not have access to computers or the internet, or it is inconvenient to drive to locations to obtain an ID. Now that the Administration is having difficulty getting the last 20% of the population vaxxed, they turn to Google. Now that it works from them, google.com is available to all.

Need to know where to get a VAX or booster, ask Google. Need to know where to get a free test kit, ask google. All of a sudden, Google is everyone’s best friend. If all of a sudden, a person has to inconvenience themselves to get a Vax ID, why don’t we tie it up with a Voter ID? People will need to verify they are the person on the Vax ID, so let’s make the Voter ID a personal identity verifier. Two problems solved. Now more people will be Vaxxed, able to go to their favorite restaurant, and vote. Wow, that was so easy.

Supply Chain Update

In Thursday’s post, I dispelled the idea that Joe Biden and Pete Buttigieg saved Christmas for Americans. On Friday, another of the claims this Administration has been using as a shield fell to the side of the road. They claimed that the empty shelves and the bottleneck at the ports resulted from Americans spending and buying like never before. Well, the numbers are in for retail sales in December, and like everything else this week, the numbers do not favor the Administration. The retail sales for December were actually down 1.7% from 2020, which was a disappointing holiday season. So if sales were down, inflation up, the shelves empty, and the ships out of sight but still stacked up outside our ports, how did Joe and Pete save Christmas? Damn, is there anything this team can do well? We’ll keep waiting to find out what that might be. No wonder Joe’s approval number is now down to 33%. Let’s go, Brandon.

By Ray Cardello. Original article.
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