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28 News is an independent, digital-only, news media company for Texas that began broadcasting on August 1, 2020. Dedicated to bringing the stories that the powers that be hope will never see the light of day. 28 News produces in-depth reporting on a wide range of issues, including public policy, government affairs, international security, politics, and other media as it pertains to Texas. Whether it's exposing cronyism, finding out just who is shaping our domestic and foreign policy and why, or highlighting the threats to American security and peace in a dangerous world, 28 News is committed to serving the public interest of all Texans with news and information that's not being covered by biased news organizations.

We're known for our strong social conscience and commitment to the values of equality, justice, and fairness, and politically speaking, we are conservative, but our core loyalty will always be to our readership above any political party or movement as we're committed to reporting the news accurately, fairly and vigorously. We'll always hold those of authority into account; regardless of their political affiliation.

We know you're busy. And we're quite certain you care deeply about the future of Texas as well as our country. We care, too. We care about your communities, your families, and how the state government and Washington's decisions are going to impact not just you, but all Texans.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to make sense of a rapidly changing nation for our readers and viewers. To challenge wrongs where we see them and stand up for the underdog against authority. To be a proponent of the First Amendment, believing that freedom of speech and expression is a right for everyone and that neither should be suppressed by the lamestream media and this administration's awful woke orthodoxy.

How we got our name

The Texas annexation was the 1845 annexation of the Republic of Texas into the United States of America, which was admitted to the Union as the 28th state on December 29, 1845. Hence, 28 News, or to some, we could be considered as the Texas News Network.

How are we funded?

Like any other business, we are a for-profit company and invest the majority of any "profits" back into the company. Our goal is to be funded through advertising, supporters, and other traditional funding sources. Because we strongly believe in citizen-driven journalism, we accept online donations. However, we are adamantly committed to rejecting any funding sources that attempt to influence what we report on and how we do so. We are tenaciously committed to total editorial freedom and journalistic integrity and we are proud that we have:

  • no commercial interests
  • no hidden influencers
  • no agenda
  • no shareholders

Verification and fact-checking

28 News strives for accuracy and takes several steps on each item of content to assure it. We check facts and claims with sources, research context, background documents, and public records. And all stories are reviewed by the editor in chief before publication

We expect our staff, freelancers, and any contributor to use their best endeavors to verify the stories being put forward for publication.

Unnamed sources

Journalists have an obligation to protect their sources, but we also have a duty to establish that the sources we use are reliable and that material has been appropriately obtained. Story provenance is ultimately the responsibility of the Editor.

When using unnamed sources, we rely on the integrity, experience, and professionalism of our staff, freelancers, or any contributor.

Removal of content from the website

Our policy is that content may be removed from the website only very rarely. It can be done if the editor-in-chief decides that a published story does not meet proper standards and should not have been published in the first place. Stories should not be removed because a fact within them is wrong or because subsequent events change the way the story would have been written if published later. For example, an accurate story about someone being charged with a crime should not be removed if, for some reason, the case was later dropped. Requests for removal should be investigated and corrections and/or follow-up stories published as appropriate.

Corrections Policy

If you believe a story we have published is inaccurate, please contact the editorial team. You can email at corrections@28news.net

Once verified, we will correct the story on the website as soon as possible. Where appropriate, the fact a correction has been made will be noted on the story &/or on the corrections and clarifications page.

If you have an issue about how an article was written about you personally or has treated you and wish to make a formal complaint, please reach out to complaints@28news.net

If you have any issues regarding the use of your personal data please email datarequests@28news.net

Reprints and licensing

Materials originally published on 28 News are available for reprint in both print and online publications. If you are interested in licensing our reporting or syndicating our authors' work, please contact us at media@28news.net. Each request will be considered on an individual basis. We reserve the right to refuse any request and ask that you respect our intellectual property rights.